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24 Days of Planting Sale!

Get your plant list ready and check it twice!  Now is a wonderful time to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials.  Whether you are looking to add to your landscape or giving that gardener in your family a special gift for Christmas, we've selected some of the coolest plants and are putting them on sale until December 30, 2022.  We are also including ALL of our houseplants. Feel free to mix and match any of the selections below** to receive the sale price! 

**All plants pictured below are features of mature plants and don't necessarily have these characterisitcs on our nursery yard.  (But they will after you plant them and let them grow!)

24 Days of Planting Sale!

Buy two, get one free.*

*Free plant must be of equal or lesser value than purchased plants.  Offer runs from December 1- 30, 2022 and as supply lasts.    


Autumnalis Cherry.webp

Fall blossoms of the Autumnalis Cherry

White Oak

Willow Oak

Overcup Oak

Sawtooth Oak

Nuttall Oak

Lacebark Elm

Chinese Chestnut

Exclamation! Sycamore

Persian Spire Parrotia

Autumnalis Cherry

Katsura Tree

Schubert Virginia Cherry


White Dogwood

Pink Dogwood

Katsura Tree.jpg

Cotton candy fragrance of the Katsura Tree autumn leaves

Persian Spire Parrotia.jpg

Unique edges of Persian Spire Parrotia

Serviceberry Flower.jpg

Apple-like blossom of native Seviceberry

Lacebark Elm.png

Lacey bark on the Lacebark Elm

Sycamore exfoliating bark

Schubert Cherry.jpg

Purple foliage of native Schubert Cherry

Fruiting Plants

Russian 26 Pomegranate

Salavatsky Pomegranate

Cowart Muscadine

Fry Muscadine

White Mulberry 

Prairie Fire Crabapple

Profusion Crabapple

Dixie Red Apple

Ein Shermer Apple

Dorsett Gold Apple

Anna Apple

Bartlett Pear

Ayers Pear

Moonglow Pear


Delicious pears on Moonglow Pear

white mulberry.jpg

Tasty fruit of White Mulberry

Anna Apple.jpeg

Disease-resistant Anna Apple

Prairie Fire.jpg

Pink blossoms and purple foliage of  Prairie Fire Crabapple

Dorsett Gold Apple.jpg

Dorsett Gold Apples

Russian 26 Pomegranate.jpg

Russian 26 Pomegranate

Fry Muscadine.jpg

Huge fruits of Fry muscadine


Prostrata Rosemary.jpg

Low Growing Prostrata Rosemary

Cayuga Viburnum.jpg

Fragrant blossoms of Cayuga Viburnum

Lime Martini Viburnum

Cayuga Viburnum

Bottlebrush Buckeye

Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Prostrata Rosemary

Dwarf Burford Holly 

Needlepoint Holly

Delta Blues Vitex

Dwarf Burford.jpg

Burford holly make a great screen!

Bottlebrush Buckeye.jpg

Native Bottlebrush Buckeye summer blossoms

Needlepoint Holly.jpg

Needlepoint Holly winter berries

Tuscan Blue.jpg

Upright Tuscan Blue Rosemary

Lime Martini Viburnum.jpg

Lime Martini Viburnum

Delta Blues.jpg

Pollinator magnet Delta Blues Vitex


Bengal Tiger Canna.jpg

Bengal Tiger Canna Lily

Siberian Iris

Japanese Iris

Standard Iris

Dwarf Mondo Grass

Hummelo Betony

Creeping Raspberry

St. John's Wort

Everillo Carex

Big Blue Liriope

Monroe White Liriope

Green-Eyed Susan

 Bella Blue Prunella

Mixed Pineapple Lily

Ryan's Yellow Garden Mum


Canna Lily (Red, Yellow, Orange, 'Bengal Tiger', Mango)

Double White Mexican Tuberose

Shasta Daisy


Crinum Lily

Miss. Huff Lantana

Assorted Angel Trumpets

Betony Hummelo.jpg

Award-winning Hummelo Betony

Mexican Tuberose.jpg

Extremely fragrant Mexican Tuberose

Siberian Iris.jpg

Siberian Iris blue blossoms 

Everillo Carex.jpg

Awesome  evergreen texture of Everillo Carex

Shasta DAisy.jpg

Long-blooming Shasta Daisy

Japanese Iris.jpg

Colorful Japanese Iris

Crinum Lily.jpg

Summer blooming Crinum Lily

Bella Blue Prunella.png

Low-growing, heavy-blooming Bella Blue Prunella

Mixed Pineapple Lily


Night Blooming Cereus.jpeg

Night-Blooming Cereus

All houseplants are included in our "24 Days of Planting Sale," even our Night Blooming Cereus!

Houseplant 3.jpg

Monstera Philodendron

Houseplant 5.jpg

Arrowhead Plant

Houseplant 4.jpg


Houseplant 2.jpg

Many colorful foliage plants!

Houseplant 1.jpg

Mother-in-Law Tongue

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